Stop and film
Demand policy change

It's time for the white community to use its privilege to unite against racism. It is not enough to not be racist—we must all be anti-racist. Actively protest, actively call out racists friends, family, colleagues, cops, and actively use your privilege for change.

TAKE THE PLEDGE to end police brutality.
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Use your privilege

Black men are 2.5 times more likely than white men to die during encounters with cops. We've been saying their names, but it's not enough. In a world of stop-and-frisk, let's Stop and Film. If you see a black person stopped by law enforcement, stop and film. 

Join Campaign Zero to enact a comprehensive package of urgent policy solutions to end policy brutality in your state and across the country. Educate yourself on systemic change needed to protect the black community, and then do something.

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Stop and film

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#PoliceThePolice Pledge

Use your privilege to end police brutality against the black community.

Take the #PoliceThePolice Pledge:


I pledge to Police the Police.


I will Stop and Film.

I will use my privilege.

And I will demand policy change.


Black Lives Matter, and as a white American it is my duty to stand up for justice, equality, and freedom for all Americans. I challenge my white friends and family to do the same.


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Racism, police brutality, and inequality in America are not solely the problems of the black community. These are American issues.


Racism was created by white people, so it must be destroyed by white people. We've been standing in solidarity with the black community—protesting, signing petitions, lifting voices. That's not enough. We must mobilize our own movement against hate and racism.